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Switching network devices into idle channels as a method of solving the problem

Most of today’s routers support the ability to work on multiple channels. Changing one channel to another allows you to create a clear exchange of data with various devices connected to it. To determine the position relative to the channel, you can use the software designed for this. Most routers default to a convenient Wi-Fi distribution channel. You must select tracks 1, 6 or 11. These channels provide the best signal because they never overlap. Try to experiment and see what data in the signal settings will be stronger. Most modern programs, such as Acrylic, allow you to identify the degree of channel overload and choose the most optimal – unloaded channel for network devices. Further, in the router settings, you need to choose the channel that was previously determined with the help of software tools that has the least load.

Wi-Fi signal amplification

Before using this method to increase the current signal, Performant mobile phone signal boosters  for Cameroon carefully study the instructions and find the element describing the xmit option. This is directly related to the possibility of improving the quality of data transmission and reception when using the router. It should be understood that among the possible consequences of manual gain, there is a likelihood of equipment damage or overheating. The same configuration instructions will help you implement the plan.

Antenna replacement

Often, the cause of a bad signal level or its insufficiency may be a faulty or insufficiently strong antenna. In this case, if you are deeply convinced that the cause of the problem that interests us is the antenna, it is recommended to replace it with a stronger one.

Additional antennas for routers  

There are two types: omni directional and high gain. The omni directional antenna sends the available signal in all directions and is important if the router is in the middle of the house. And if the signal must be transmitted in a certain direction, then you need to buy a gain antenna. For a distribution point standing in the center of the house, this is not a convenient option.

A dual-band Wi-Fi router capable of simultaneously sending two signals, thus increasing the speed of your internet connection.